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11 Line Drive Lane, Washington PA 15301
Please use 1 Mansfield Road, 15317 for GPS system. Our street is new and doesn't show up

-- The design of the new facility is quite similar to our past location in Canonsburg, just nearly 50% larger. We have the largest indoor baseball field in the region hosting 143 foot foul lines and 182 feet from the tip of home plate to deep center.  Not to mention 40' Ceilings with a MEAN fan rotating above.  You gotta see it to appreciate it.

For the Parents --                       For the Kids--
- 3 Sets of Bleachers                    -- 20,000 sq ft ProGrass Field with Full Diamond
- Upper-deck Viewing Area            -- Two full Batting Cages, Three 30' Hitting Tunnels
- Snack Shop                              -- Two 75' Upper-Deck Pitching Tunnels
- 6 High Top Tables                     -- Area's only indoor DIRT MOUND!
- Laptop Bench with WiFi             -- 40' LCD Flatscreen for Video Analysis Training
- 2500 sq ft Lobby                       -- Dippin Dots and Powerade Machine

                      - Pro Shop filled with Top of Line Equipment
                      - 30 Person Conference Room
                      - 20 Person B-Day Party Room
                      - Cable so you don't miss any of the Big Games
                      - Sufficient Parking
                      - Well Lit, Well Heated, Great Audio

"The backbone of the program was the repeated stressing of fundamentals and all of the mental skills needed to implement those skills.  Chris not only excelled in both of these areas, but was also able to build a bank of teaching knowledge that he still uses today when he instructs these young baseball players."  KENT TEKULVE, Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Pitcher and FSN Sports Analyst.