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The Swing

This Game is Simple.  You Throw the Ball, You Hit the Ball, You Catch the Ball.

Our Drills are basic and highlight the mechanic being taught that day. C-Side's drills have been learned from well respected instructors such as Don Schaly, Jim Tracey, Kent Tekulve, Mark Mason,  Darin Everson, and many other professional players and managers

We teach our 5 year old players the very same mechanics that we teach our 25 year old affiliated players.  The game doesn't change, so why would you train different age groups differently?  Our teaching style also keeps our players attentive and all our hitters know their swings both mentally and physically.  This is achieved through repeated stressing of the correct movements to establish muscle memory and having our players vocally repeat what their doing.   

Pitching is all about Balance and Rhythm.  Many of our drills strictly focus on these two characteristics to help our players reach their potential and protect their arms.

Fielding: Your job is to make the routine play 100% of the time.  You job as a position player is to get the ball and get rid of it.  Believe it or not, the hardest part of a position player is getting into position.  If you can line yourself correctly in front of the ball, you will dramatically increase your fielding percentage.  

Hitting: You have one job, barrel the ball. Our techinique allows you to maintain your style of hitting, while at the same time puttin you in an Athletic Position to attack any pitch at any location at all times.